A Walk Through KachingFund And What It Does!

Virtual marketplaces are the investment and fund maintenance platforms that bring ease of investment with just a click. However, before putting your money in the investment market, here is the review of one such virtual market player that can help you with significant ROI.

KachingFund, a virtual platform for fund investment and growth, brings value to your money through investment. These investments are available in different packages.

Among the firsts to bring Blockchain technology at your disposal, this marketplace uses artificial intelligence to help grow your funds. So, you do not need to worry about managing your risky investment affairs anymore.


Here Is How It Helps You Grow Your Funds:

  • KachingFund uses cryptocurrency based Index Funds (which is relatively new but highly efficient) to invest your finances. The funds are diversified for minimising risk and maximising your profit.


  • The distribution of funds is among ICO, Altcoins and Reserved funds in the proportion of 50:35:15. Moreover, these Altcoins are further diversified into Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple. So, it lifts the weight of incurring loss off you.


  • KachingFund has experts to manage Cryptocurrency based Index Fund, thus ensuring your money is in safe hands.


  • The different packages available for investment, namely, Gold, Silver and Platinum, give you fair returns within 200 days. Thus, with a minimum of $100, you can start investing and earning on a per day basis. The Platinum package also offers a dedicated account manager for your investment account. You can get in touch with them anytime for your account related queries.


Given the surge in Cryptocurrency based Index Fund investments KachingFund’s offers seem to be fair enough. The minimal transfer fee of 1% for transferring your investments brings flexibility to this virtual portfolio investment platform.

What’ more?

You can also earn a commission of 10% by directly referring someone. It also lets you receive a 10% binary commission for referrals through your downline! It seems to be a win-win situation for anyone willing to earn a comfortable sum with minimal risk.

Moreover, the availability of expert resources to manage your stake makes it a reliable virtual investor. Options for deposit like Bitcoin Cash, Western Union, Perfect Money, etc. are available. Thus, you get the flexibility to trade online without any inconvenience of converting it to your legal tender first.

Besides, the company also ensures the transactions you make are entirely secure. So, all in all, it appears to be a marketplace worth investing in.

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